Fire Glass & XRay Glass

Full Range of Fire Glass in Stock:

30/0 – 30 minutes Integrity / 0 minutes Insulation
30/30 – 30 minutes Integrity / 30 minutes Insulation
60/0 – 60 minutes Integrity / 0 minutes Insulation
60/30 – 60 minutes Integrity / 30 minutes Insulation
60/60 – 60 minutes Integrity / 60 minutes Insulation

INTEGRITY = Fire Resistance

INSULATION = Heat Resistance

Donegal Glass and Glazing manufacturing – we produce and fit any type of fire glass that can withstand the fire test and therefore resist passage of smoke, flames and hot gases, is considered “fire-resistant glass”. These glasses that we manufacture can then further be categorised and rated according to special criteria. Typically, the rating is based on how long a particular type and size of glass will withstand fire.

Our classifications range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

We can advice that ordinary flat glass cannot withstand extreme temperatures, and breaks at around 120°C. Fire-resistant glass must be able to withstand 870°C for a selected period of time and remain in its frame. Testing can include using water to rapidly cool the hot glass to test its ability to withstand thermal change. The purpose of this test is to test a real situation in which water from a sprinkler system shatters glass intended to function as a barrier, and thus permits smoke and fire to spread and escalate to the next level.
The three most important factors in connection with the choice of fire-protection glass are:

Type of protection (class E – and class EI)
Duration of protection (e.g. 15, 30 or 60 minutes)
Frame construction to be used (wood, aluminium or steel)

Class E involves protection against smoke and flames while class EI also offers protection against fires spreading heat radiation.

Integrity is described as the ability of glass to contain the spread of flame and smoke and prevents collapse, holes and cracks or sustained flaming on the unexposed side for a set time.

Insulation blocks the passage of radiated heat and surface heat rise to an average of 140°C for a set time. In stairwells, evacuation routes in large office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers and other heat-sensitive areas, extremely high temperatures transferring through the glass can be just as devastating as the fire itself.

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